Simplifying your world

An environment-friendly solution that resolves of
several pain-points

Inexpensive, No Cap-Ex, No additional infrastructure or manpower

  • Messages in

    The inbox shows all communication from your customers to you. You as a service provider control the kinds of messages that can be sent such as feedback, complaints, service requests etc.

  • Calendar

    Broadcast individual/multiple events to all users. These events are saved in our archives so that they can be retrieved at any time.

  • Groups

    Create different groups of users by filtering using various parameters. You can save these groups permanently for later use.

  • Info Section

    Upload relevant information about your services. These could be policies, timings, addresses or any such static content.

  • Payment

    Receiving payments made easy. When a user pays using allbox, the money is automatically transferred to your account within 24 hours of allbox receiving the money.

  • MIS

    Several reports created to let you understand your customers better. Want more? Just ask us for customised reports and we will create them for you. You can export report data to MS Excel for further analyses.

  • Messages out

    All messages you want to send to your customer can be sent from this section. You can filter users by multiple parameters to communicate with only a subset of users.

  • Surveys

    Send out surveys and get user opinion on various matters. See a distribution pattern of their choices and export to MS Excel for further analyses.

  • Tags

    Create tags that users can subscribe to. When you send messages to a particular “tag”, only users that have subscribed to these tags will receive the messages.

  • Advanced Search

    You don’t need to save or print ever again. Use our search tool to find any message or piece of communication. Our cloud archive holds up to 7 years of data available to you anytime, anywhere.

  • Data Security

    Data Security is of utmost importance today. With allbox your data is not only available to you 24x7, 365 but is also as secure as some of the largest corporations and government bodies in the world.